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Violin Time – Book 1
Violin Time – Book 2
Viola Time – Book 1
Viola Time – Book 2
Violin Time
Viola Time
Cello Time

Violin Time and Viola Time Books 1 and 2 are all available now in hard copy and as e-books. Click on the above images of the books to preview a few pages.

This series is perfect for teaching beginner violinists and violists from their very first lesson through to Grade 4 AMEB (Australian Music Examinations Board). Each book contains the relevant theory necessary to understand the various techniques and pieces taught.

Book 1 covers detache, staccato, and legato bowing strokes and places great emphasis on encouraging students to use the whole bow, then later in the book introduces rhythms which may be played in the middle of the bow.

It teaches the left-hand fingering beginning on the 3rd finger which helps to teach students the correct hand/arm shape from early in their learning. Students are encouraged to sing the pieces early on in the book in fixed pitch, thus improving their aural skills and theoretical note/rhythm-reading skills.

Book 2 covers shifting between 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions, vibrato and playing in more difficult key signatures up to 4 flats and sharps. It also teaches more advanced bowing styles like spiccato, ricochet, and hook stroke. Book 2 is set out in such a way as to demonstrate to students a visual and aural perspective on the shifting and key signatures which will help all styles of little learners!

Parents will be delighted because each page contains a ‘Points for Parents’ column which will guide them in assisting their son/daughter’s daily practice.

Teachers will be thrilled because the books focus so much on establishing good technique from the beginning and there are loads of pictures and explanations throughout each book.

The unique part about this series is that all of the pieces are performed by Nicole Billimoria (on violin) who is accompanied by the marvellous Jane MacDermott and can be viewed on the website once you have purchased the book. The accompaniments are also all available online for your teacher to print and play or for you to listen and play along to after having heard them performed in the tutorial.

Teachers and conductors will be excited to note that under the Teacher Resources tab are   group ensemble versions of a selection of pieces from the book and also a few exciting quartet pieces for more advanced school string quartets. These can all be purchased separately online as hard-copies or as a downloadable PDF.

Violin Time has just released a group series called String Time. String Time is perfect for group teaching situations and has identical books for Violin, Viola, and Cello. The String Time series have large print, are only available as printed copies and for a limited time until Christmas 2017 are reduced from $20 to $15!!

Just purchase any of the method books which come with a subscription to the website, click on the video links, and away you go!