Page No. Name    Violin                              
3 Kayaking down the Tarwin  Click Here
7 La Festaiola  Click Here
11 Waltz Felice  Click Here
13 Sea Biscuit  Click Here
15 Waltzing Through the Mistletoe  Click Here
17 Non Piangere  Click Here
19 The Blues Singer  Click Here
21 Oom Pah Pah!  Click Here
22 A Lilt in the Air  Click Here
23/24 Spiccato Preparation  Click Here
25 Tango Etude  Click Here
27 Quick as a Flash  Click Here
28 March of the Swagman  Click Here
30 Tango Waltz  Click Here  
34 Jolly Jerry  Click Here
37 Sono Triste  Click Here
38 Tears for Elsa  Click Here
40 Street Dances at Sunset  Click Here 
43 Chromatic Scales  Click Here
44 Chromatically Relaxed  Click Here
48 Double or Nothing  Click Here